8th European Rodmakers Gathering

21th - 23th October 2016, Haus des Schweizer Rudersports, 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland

About »gespliesste.ch«

 «gespliesste.ch» is a small group of enthousiastic rodbuilders in Switzerland.  

The group met at a rodbuilding class several years ago. Some of them where real beginners, others had already a high level of experience. They care for friendship and have  good relationships to rodmakers in countries all over the world.

»gespliesste.ch« started with a first rodmakers gathering in Switzerland in 2006 with the intention to establish in Europe a base for exchange of informations in rodbuilding without any comercial background.

               Herbi Kiser

                Philipp Sicher

           Jaroslav Vecko



European Bamboo Rodmarkers Gathering


11 to 13 october 2019 in 39040 Ratschings/Mareit

Schloss Wolfsthurn, Mareit, 11. - 13. Oktober 2019

Beurteilung der Wurfeigenschaften verschiedener Fliegenruten

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